Terms of Service

  1. Tai Ping (hereinafter "Seller') reserves the right to decline any order.
  2. Purchaser shall be responsible for payment for any hoisting or special handling charges incurred to complete delivery at final destination. Please refer to DELIVERY
  3. Installation charges, if any, contemplate normal conditions at Purchaser's premises and are based upon normal working hours. If overtime is requested by Purchaser in order to complete delivery and installation by a specific date, such overtime charges shall be paid by Purchaser. Only duly authorised representatives of Seller may authorise overtime. Any lost delivery and installation time due to poor planning or management on part of the Purchaser, will be charged to Purchaser.
  4. No cancellations will be accepted.
  5. Prior to delivery at such location, payment shall be due in accordance with the terms stated above without regard to whether the Purchaser is prepared to receive the goods for final installation.


  1. Local trucking, door-to-door delivery charges are included, while some exceptions apply (see Note #2 and #3).
  2. The costs arise from the exceptions such as the following will be the responsibility of the Purchaser:
    1. Delivery to outlying islands and Discovery Bay, South Lantau and Ma Wan.
    2. Stairs climbing, placement of carpet, moving of furniture and disposal of old carpet.
  3. Self pick up shall be arranged by the Purchaser for order to islands.
  4. Seller and Purchaser agree, for valuable consideration, including but not limited to Purchaser's advance payment and/or Purchaser's promise to purchase goods and Seller's efforts in procurement of the purchased goods, that title to the purchased goods shall pass to Purchaser upon Seller's written notification to Purchaser that the finished purchased goods are located at Seller's location ready for delivery to Purchaser upon Purchaser's payment in full of the purchase price of the goods.
  5. Delivery date and details will be confirmed by Seller on the phone or by email.