Arena I

Reverence by Fernando Mastrangelo Edition
Edward Fields

Sand has become one of the quintessential materials in Mastrangelo’s work. For this rug, he has transformed the movement and gesture of his sand paintings into a landscape of texture and pattern. This design is expertly tufted by skilled artisans.

Product Details
HK$45,100 HK$31,570

Fernando Mastrangelo is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist best known for his sculptures, furniture and large-scale wall works by using typically commonplace materials such as salt, coffee, sand, glass and cement. Mastrangelo has always been inspired by his surroundings – the people, the places and the politics. His works are intriguingly contradictory; both rugged and refined, durable and delicate, formal and functional. Mastrangelo took a conceptual approach to rug making in the Reverence edition for Edward Fields, bringing the same spirit of consideration in each grain of materials in Mastrangelo’s sculptural works.