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Applique II

Atelier by FANG Collection
Tai Ping

Mesmerising triangular and square patterns are made for graphic effect in the Appliqué models. Careful hand tufting techniques employed in its design allow it to display a couture expression when combined with the luxurious wool, smooth silk and accentuating, fine lurex—unique elements that have been skillfully incorporated into the carpet’s delicate composition. Appliqué II features oral hexagonal origami patterned border, giving a modern, feminine style. Crafted in a vibrant red hue, the signature pattern stands out amid the pale green undertone, exuding an elegant ambience.

Product Details

Fang Yang is one of China’s leading fashion designers. Born in China, Fang studied at ESMOD in Paris where she crafted her first prêt à porter collections. She returned to her birth land in 2013 to establish her brand, by FANG. Since a young age, Fang has always been curious about the intricacies of weaving and patterns, and today her work is recognized for its innate feminine lines, fine tailoring and signature origami elements. Embracing the origami theme, Tai Ping’s Atelier by FANG collection showcases a couture attitude in luxurious wools, silks and lurex, pushing creative boundaries in design, construction and technique.